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Aon Choice Market™ is a flexible way for companies to shift their employee benefits to a marketplace model. Designed especially for companies with fewer than 5,000 employees, Aon Choice Market enables employers to better manage their costs while increasing employee choice and accountability.

Predictable health coverage costs

With Aon Choice Market, companies gain more cost predictability through a fixed-subsidy model and best-in-market contracting. Aon provides end-to-end enrollment and administration, flexible funding

models, and our robust health and benefits platform to enable a swift and smooth enrollment. By reducing time spent on plan design and vendor management, Aon frees up employer resources to focus on other strategic initiatives.

Increased employee choice

With a full menu of medical, dental, vision, and supplemental benefit plans at varying coverage levels, employees can easily customize their benefits package to best fit their needs and budget. Shifting toward a consumer-based approach for health benefits also encourages employees to take responsibility over their health care decisions, so they become smarter consumers of health care over time.

A New Model of Efficiency

A New Model of Efficiency
Simplicity Flexibility Choice Aon Choice Market
Aon Choice Market is designed to deliver three key benefits to employers and employees:


A standardized menu of plans improves the employee experience through more choice and easy decision support.


Employers’ work becomes greatly simplified with Aon’s total program administration.


This marketplace model can be either fully or self-insured, based on your company’s needs.


The Trend Toward Defined Subsidies

of employers have indicated that a defined commitment approach with a fixed-dollar amount will be a priority for their contribution strategy.

2014 Aon Health Care Survey

Have More Than 5,000 Employees?

Aon Active Health Exchange™ is a competitive marketplace that enables large employers to offer groundbreaking health benefits.

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